Floating Solar Panels and Floating photovoltaic (PV) systems and solutions for the Global market.

Floating Solar Power

Water is the most important molecule on our planet and it covers more than 70% of our Planet. Therefore, the Floating Solar Panels and Floating Solar Systems that are currently available on the market could open up alot of possibilities given the large amount of water that composed or planet (Oceans, Lake, Water Bodies, Water Reservoirs, Dams, Irrigation Reservoirs & more).

Floating solar panels and systems are durable, easy to install, cost-effective and good for the environment (eco-friendly). The systems can produce solar electricity and they represent a good alternative to ground mounted solar systems. The floating solar panels and floating PV systems are designed to resist a large variety of natural conditions and also contribute to good energy balance. Through his specialized partners, Solar Panels Global offer different services related to floating solar systems and the floating green power :

- Floating solar panels 
- Floating solar systems & solutions
- Floating solar plant design services
- Renewable energy project financing 
- Long term leasing of unused water bodies and water reservoir
- Site selection for floating solar farms 
- Floating solar system Installation, Maintenance and Operation


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Site Selection, Design, Operation, Installation & Maintenance

Through his partner and collaborators, Solar Panels Global offer the best services for the design, installation, operation and for the maintenance of Floating Solar Power Systems worldwide. Please contact us if you would like to discuss further about your solar project.

Financing & Funding solutions for renewable energy projects

If you are looking for a funding solution for your floating solar project or if you are looking to sell a floating PV project, please contact us at financing@solarpanelsglobal.com and a funding & acquisition specialist will contact you. 


Long Term Lease Agreement for Water Bodies & Reservoirs

We Rent Water!

Please contact us if you have a water reservoir or an unused water body that could be available for the installation of a Floating Solar Power Plant and a specialist team will contact you to discuss further about this opportunity and to provide a free evaluation of your site and a rental proposal.

We are interested in Water Body and Water Reservoir Rentals for the installation of floating solar power farm that will produce energy and that will be at no cost for the water-landlord. The company will take care of installing and managing the floating solar system once an agreement is signed (long term lease contract - Yearly rental payment). We see water body and water reservoirs rental as an investment opportunity in many countries and because of the almost infinite possibilities of installing floating solar platforms to generate energy. The Floating Solar Panels systems are easy to install, eco-friendly and economical.

Please note that only the Reservoirs and water bodies that have a surface of minimum 5 acres and less than 10 meters deep will be considered at this time. Electricity and/or a pumping system also has to be available nearby. We currently have a preference to analyse potential projects in USA, Canada, Europe and in South East Asia.

Contact us us if you would like to discuss further about this opportunity.


You will find below some pictures of floating solar systems and a picture of a mega floating solar power plant that is located in Japan and making it a great green energy project given their lack of space to install large scale solar panel systems. Many countries around the world (USA, Canada, Europe, China, UAE, etc) can also benefit from floating solar PV platforms and systems but Japan is currently known as a leader when it comes to this green technology. 

Mega Floating Solar Power Plant in Japan

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Floating Solar Panels and Systems can also be installed on Lakes and Oceans

Other Floating Solar Systems and Floating Solar Plant around the World

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